Since 2003 the Ludobus Legnogiocando travels all over with sustainable vans full of games from the Legnogiocando collection, created by Manuel Pucci.


Structured professional activity since 2003.


High quality hand-crafted games.


Sustainable and green activity also in transportation.


We travel all over Italy and Europe.


Over 350 towns reached in 6 countries.


We continuously come up with new ideas to develop.


Legnogiocando is a collection of wooden games, invented and created by Manuel Pucci, that engage all people: kids, parents, teens and grandparents, everywhere and every time. Research, passion and hand-craft: these are the elements from which the Legnogiocando games are created, inspired by the Italian and European ludic tradition, and built of wood and poor materials.

Thanks to our sustainable and green vans’ fleet, as they run with natural gas, the Ludobus Legnogiocando activity reaches all the Italian and European cities. Our strength? The highest quality of hand-crafted wooden games, and our professionalism built on over 15 years of activity.


Since 2003 we have been to over 350 towns in 6 European countries, and we took part to hundreds of big and small events with our Ludobus Legnogiocando.

If you still haven’t seen our games in your town’s square, or if you have seen them and would like to have them again, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a proposal; anyone can ask for our Ludobus Legnogiocando activities: Public Administrations, Associations, Schools, Companies, Individuals, etc.

We are ready to face any challenge, and we do our best to bring our traditional games in all the Italian and European squares. Because it’s not only a matter of learning about our vintage games, but it’s also a way to meet other people and to socialize, to team up for a common aim, to have fun together and to take part to green and sustainable games, living our city spaces at best. 

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