Since 2003 the Ludobus Legnogiocando travels all over with sustainable vans full of games from the Legnogiocando collection, created by Manuel Pucci


Structured professional activity since 2003.


High quality hand-crafted games.


Sustainable and green activity also in transportation.


We travel all over Italy and Europe.


Over 350 towns reached in 6 countries.


We continuously come up with new ideas to develop.

Who we are

Since 2003 our Ludobus Legnogiocando stimulates kids and adults to play as we once did, and they transform streets, squares, seasides, green areas and any other spaces in fun places.
Ludobus Legnogiocando is a smart activity, culturally and socially useful, fun and stimulating, that never goes out of style. This is demonstrated by the over 350 towns (among Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany) where we have been and continue to go with our fleet of sustainable Ludobus powered with natural gas.
Anyone can ask for our Ludobus Legnogiocando activities: Public Administrations, Associations, Schools, Companies, Individuals, etc.

Our fleet is composed by 4 vans (3 in Italy and 1 in Germany). Each of our vans if powered by natural gas and for this reason it’s a green and sustainable activity.

Legnogiocando Collection

The sustainable games of the Legnogiocando collection are inspired by the Italian and European ludic tradition, and are built of wood and other poor materials.

The Legnogiocando collection is composed by over 150 games and distributed on 4 sustainable vans, ready to reach private and public spaces to bring games as they once were among young and old.

100% Sustainable

All of our creations are designed and made in our laboratory.
Legnogiocando is a Registered Trademark of Manuel Pucci.

Isn’t it enough?

Discover Logicup our new production, enter the challenge now!



Logicup is an innovative and fascinating production branded Legnogiocando.
It’s easy to understand from the name that Logicup is a competition, a sort of “logic trophy” that sees players confront themselves in the solution of logic games, riddles, optical illusions and brain teasers of every sort.
People between 6 and 99 can play the Logicup games, and they have different levels of difficulty. Follow the detective and his mysterious helpers, enter the challenge now!

Logicup can be activated as free play formula or in the stage race formula (in single cities and/or per single day), with a specific classification per stage or a cumulative classification of the different stages of the tour; these formulas can be chosen together with the client based on the event program in which Logicup is involved.


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