Legnogiocando Collection

by Manuel Pucci

The sustainable games of the Legnogiocando collection are inspired by the Italian and European ludic tradition, and are built of wood and other poor materials.

The Legnogiocando collection is composed by over 150 games and distributed on 4 sustainable vans (powered by natural gas), ready to reach private and public spaces to bring games as they once were among young and old.



All of our creations are designed and made in our laboratory.

Legnogiocando is a Registered Trademark of Manuel Pucci.
Here are some games from the Legnogiocando collection:

Legnogiocando collection: the purpose

The timeless wooden games invented and hand-crafted by Manuel Pucci represent an innovative idea that looks back in time.

It’s a matter of starting from the roots of the society, the wood crafting and sociality that is developed when sharing a common goal through games.

The simplicity of these ludic activities in squares and other public spaces allows to transmit in a natural way vintage games to the new generations, to fill the void of the vast generation gap.

Hire a Ludobus Legnogiocando

After the success in Italy, the Ludobus Legnogiocando vans continue to entertain kids, teens and adults also in other European Countries. The Legnogiocando collection project has an international flair and has reached many foreign squares.

If you are interested in the Legnogiocando collection and the other Ludobus activities for your event or your project, we are available!

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