Since 2003 our Ludobus Legnogiocando stimulates kids and adults to play as we once did, and they transform streets, squares, seasides, green areas and any other spaces in fun places.
Ludobus Legnogiocando is a smart activity, culturally and socially useful, fun and stimulating, that never goes out of style. This is demonstrated by the over 350 towns (among Italy, San Marino, Switzerland, Austria, France and Germany) where we have been and continue to go with our fleet of sustainable Ludobus powered with natural gas.

Anyone can ask for our Ludobus Legnogiocando activities: Public Administrations, Associations, Schools, Companies, Individuals, etc.


Our fleet is composed by 4 vans (3 in Italy and 1 in Germany). Each of our vans if powered by natural gas and for this reason it’s a green and sustainable activity.


Here are some of the customers who have chosen Ludobus Legnogiocando:

It’s often thought that playing is something only kids do. Maybe it would be better to say that playing is something for children…of any age!

Don’t you believe it?

Here’s how the squares become when our Ludobus Legnogiocando arrive and pure fun starts.

Wooden games as they once were

The Ludobus Legnogiocando vans fill up squares and public areas with wooden games. Some people think they are common games, others think they are vintage games; in any case they are sustainable and natural tools that when used stimulate creativity and intelligence of young and old.

The Legnogiocando collection, invented and hand-craft realized by Manuel Pucci, indeed is aimed to link generations through simple wooden structures that often need collaboration among people to work at best. They are 100% sustainable wooden gamesbeyond being made of natural materials, the paint used to colour them is also respectful of the environment. To play in total security, at any age.

In over 15 years of activity, Manuel Pucci created more than 150 wooden games, to be transported by the natural gas powered vans. Discover them participating to one of the events organized in squares close to you.

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